Meet Mike Stanley

We have innovative technologies that can help improve wellness and patient outcomes globally, and there are so many exciting markets for diagnostics.

Mike Stanley
Sales Director at GoToKnow

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Today we would like to introduce Mike Stanley, Sales Director at GoToKnow. Mike is responsible for selling key products and establishing the strategy for our commercial and channel partnerships. As GoToKnow prepares to launch new technologies, Mike’s goal is to have partners already established in key markets such as retail, pharmacy, and physician office labs.

Mike is originally from Topeka, Kansas, and earned his bachelor’s degree at The University of Kansas. He has worked in sales, corporate accounts, and marketing in the medical technology industry for 16 years. Mike spends his spare time in gyms around the country watching his two daughters practice and play club volleyball at a remarkably high level.

Prior to joining GoToKnow, Mike worked for Abbott Rapid Dx and Alere as a Corporate Accounts Manager, managing key distribution partners, supply chain, marketing, and sales on new product launches and distribution of products across the country. Mike also previously worked for Thermo Fisher Scientific as a Senior Manager in non-acute business development.

Mike shares that the most exciting part of his job is that he is “privileged to work with amazing people and a team that prioritizes culture first. We also have amazing and innovative technologies that can help improve wellness and patient outcomes globally, and there are so many new and exciting markets for diagnostics. We are speaking with large retailers, innovative physician office networks, distributors, as well as leaders in the sports and fitness industry. I truly feel like the sky is the limit”.

A fun fact about Mike is that his family and a committee of great friends and volunteers recently hosted their sixth annual charity golf tournament to fund childhood cancer research. To date, Mike and friends have raised over $500,000 that goes straight to a local charity called Braden’s Hope. This has been extremely rewarding for everyone involved. The tournament continues to raise awareness and charitable donations each year.

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