Meet Lisa Stricker

"As a mentor I encourage others to work with and respect the team they have the privilege to work with."

Lisa Stricker
Product Launch Manager

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Today we will be introducing our Get To Know series, where we present a GoToKnow team member! In celebration of #AmericanBusinessWomensDay, we would like to spotlight Lisa Sticker, our Product Launch Manager. Lisa works closely with the Product teams to prepare for launches of current and future products. In this role, she assists product teams in developing products by going from concept through development to clinical trials and creating the path to a successful launch.

Lisa is originally from Crittenden, Kentucky, and she attended the University of Kentucky. She has worked in the medical technology industry for 23 years. In her spare time, Lisa enjoys spending quality time with her grandkids at their sporting events, working on home projects, and creating story books as family gifts.

On American Business Women’s Day, Lisa reflects on the leader who impacted her most significantly throughout the years. Lisa has been inspired by Stacy Levin, her first manager in the industry, and someone who has mentored her for years. As a successful and inspiring leader, Stacy led her team with integrity and by example. Lisa has modeled this leadership approach and understands that everyone has a role on the team. Without every individual’s contribution, the team would not be successful.

Stacy’s leadership and mentoring has had a significant impact on Lisa’s career. Today, Lisa is a mentor to young women in business and always encourages others to respect the team members who they have the privilege to work with.

Lisa summarizes her professional experience best: “I have been blessed to have worked with individuals who inspire me to build and support their teams!”

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