Meet Sarah Wobber

Our company values are focused on the people. We are good people doing good things.

Sarah Wobber
Business Development Manager

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Today we would like to introduce Sarah Wobber, Business Development Manager at GoToKnow. Sarah is responsible for driving business growth and managing long term successful relationships with partners. Sarah shares that the most exciting part of her job is “the ability to develop professionally within a supportive work culture. I am able to problem solve, develop processes, and think creatively with incredible minds guiding me.”

Prior to joining GoToKnow, Sarah worked for Visby Medical for 5 years where she gained experience in various positions ranging from: Technical Training Manager, Technical Marketing Specialist, and Research Associate.

Sarah is originally from Los Altos, California, and earned her bachelor’s degree at UC San Diego in General Biology and Psychology. Sarah was a NCAA Division II student athlete who participated in Track and Field. She now spends her free time surfing, backpacking, camping, and traveling. A fun fact about Sarah is that she was the Vice President of the croquet team at UC San Diego.

What inspires Sarah about GoToKnow is the goal-driven culture, peer accountability, and the supportive framework. We are excited to watch Sarah grow into her position here as our Business Development Manager. She explains that at GoToKnow, “our company values are focused on the people. We are good people doing good things.”

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