Hypertension DNA Test

Our Hypertension DNA Test decodes information in your unique DNA, allowing you to unlock insights into the way your diet, behavior, exercise and more can influence your blood pressure. Once you understand your hypertension-related DNA, you can make lifestyle decisions to support a new diet, start a new workout plan, or make behavior changes to maintain a healthy blood pressure.


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Find out how your genes may impact how quickly you recover from exercise.

  • Post-exercise cellular repair (SOD2)
  • Workout recovery time (NFE2L2)
  • Exercise Recovery (IL-6)

Learn how your genes may impact your ability to process fat, how full you feel after eating, and how sensitive you are to sugar.

  • Age-related metabolism (APOE)
  • Fat-processing ability (FABP2)
  • Fatty acid sensitivity (APOE)
  • Feeling full (FTO)
  • Monounsaturated fat (PPARg)
  • Sugar sensitivity (TCF7L2)

See how your genes relate to muscle strength.

  • Lean body mass (TRHR)
  • Muscle mass (VDR)

Some of us develop more soreness after working out than others. This can potentially be caused by the genetic variations in your tendons, ligaments, and cartilage.

  • Joint workout response (GDF5)
  • Flexibility (COL5a1)