Collection Instructions

Register your swab via the GoToKnow app

  1. Complete your swab registration on the GoToKnow app when you are ready to begin your test.
  2. Select Register Swab.
  3. Scan the number barcode on the swab or type the swab barcode number.
  4. Click "I Agree, Run My Genomic Tests". This provides consent to Sapphiros Laboratories to run your sample.

Collect sample

  1. Uncap swab from tube (Do not discard the tube sleeve).
  2. To collect the best sample, do not eat or drink 30 minutes before collecting your sample. Rub the swab VIGOROUSLY 20 times inside each cheek. Ensure the swab tip only touches the inside cheeks being careful not to touch the swab head with hands prior to or after collection.
  3. Insert swab back into tube.

Package and return sample

  1. Place the swab tube in the plastic zipper bag and close the seal.
  2. Place swab plastic bag in the prepaid return mailer and drop into any USPS mailbox.